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Company Overview

Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the premier manufacturer of acrylic block windows in the United States. Founded in 1988, Hy-Lite began with a vision to modernize traditional glass block windows into something more energy-efficient and customizable. In the years since, we have added decorative glass windows for stylish privacy as well as true glass block windows for those who prefer traditional block. We are also proud to offer contract molding services in our manufacturing plant in Pensacola, Florida.

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Founded: 1988

Manufacturing Plant:
Pensacola, Florida

Availability: Internationally through dealers, distributors, and Hy-Lite's Online Shop

Residential Projects

Every home has privacy needs. Where are yours?
Hy-Lite's unique and stylish privacy windows breathe new life into the most private rooms of your home. From decorative glass casements in the bath to acrylic block awnings in the garage, Hy-Lite adds light, beauty, and fresh air to homes of all styles.

Industrial and Commercial

All projects great and small!
From military barracks and high schools to doctors' offices and warehouse renovations, we've got you covered.