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The Big Three
  Looking for privacy in your home but don't want to sacrifice natural light. Hy-Lite offers you three great style choices to get exactly the window that works best for your home.

Option #1 - Acrylic Block Privacy Windows from Hy-Lite add unique style and value to homes of all kinds. Pre-framed and ready to install, acrylic block windows are available in new construction as well as custom-sized retrofit. Selections include Single Hung, Slider, Casement, Awning, Arch Top, Radius Top and Geometric windows. Some are operable, while other units are fixed.

Option #2: Decorative Glass Privacy Windows from Hy-Lite provide classic beauty and curb appeal while protecting your privacy. Available in a wide variety of shapes and unique styles, these windows are pre-framed for easy installation. Select from Casement, Awning, Oval, Picture and Octagon windows in a wide array of eye-catching styles.

Option #3: Glass Block Privacy Windows from Hy-Lite eliminate the mortar and mess of traditional glass block privacy windows. These true glass windows are available in two privacy levels and four designer frame colors. Choose from Square and Rectangular shapes and Stairstep designs.

Fall in Love Again ... with Your Bathroom
  Don't worry if the flames of love you once experienced for your master bathroom have faded to smoldering embers. A few quick fixes and you can once again fall in love with your bathroom!

Start by accessing what works and what really needs to be changed. Is it time to toss out the old water-hogging toilet and upgrade to a WaterSense toilet? Could your bathroom benefit from a new coat of mildew-resistant paint? Or, are you tired of drawing shades over your bathtub every time you wish to gain some privacy?

Investing a weekend of do-it-yourself projects can easily make you fall in love with your bathroom again. Toss out all the old rugs, towels and knick knacks and start fresh. Deep clean the grout in your shower. And, tackle the project of replacing an old window with a decorative glass or acrylic block window. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, Hy-Lite offers privacy windows that add beauty, light and indeed, a touch of privacy to any bathroom.

Start swooning by looking at how easy it is to order a new privacy window at our online store. We're open 24/7 for your convenience!

Get More Light in Your Shower
  Forget about feeling claustrophobic in your shower. Add some light without sacrificing your privacy.

One of the most recent trends in the bath industry, shower windows add natural light into a usually dark area of the bathroom. However, you shouldn't have to wait until your plain glass window gets all steamed up to gain some privacy. Acrylic block and decorative glass windows from Hy-Lite provide style and privacy ... and some windows open for ventilation when needed.

According to Hy-Lite President Roger Murphy, master showers are a prime area where builders now include transom windows.

"Our research accurately predicted that 4' x 1' transom windows would start gaining popularity during the second half of 2016," says Murphy. "We're having to increase production to keep up with demand for transoms right now. This is not a regional trend. We're shipping both acrylic block and decorative glass transoms from coast to coast to handle these requests for new home construction."

For a bathroom renovation or new home construction, a Hy-Lite privacy transom shower window to your shower can be a smart addition for your bathroom!

What Your Builder Won't Tell You
  You're looking at an empty piece of land in a new subdivision. Your builder fills your head with idyllic dreams of a new home, a yard for the kids and maybe even a wrap around front porch.

It's easy to buy into the wonderful thoughts of a new home. But here's what your builder won't tell you: he's building a similar dream home to people looking at the empty lot right next to yours.

There's no fault to the builder here ... he's building a community for you and your future neighbors to live in. However, because you'll be living within close distance to your new neighbors, consider this advice: Take a few steps in the building stage to differentiate your home in your new community ... and make sure you arrange to have privacy in your new home.

With many lot lines smaller and closer than ever before in new communities, make certain to ask your builder for privacy windows installed in your first floor bathrooms and bedrooms.

There's no fun of moving into your new home to look out your windows over into the neighbor's house or at their ugly outside HVAC units. Privacy acrylic block and decorative glass windows solve this dilemma. At the same time, they reflect your personality and add more pizzazz to your home ... on both the inside and outside!

Interior Shutters Save the Day
  Question: I HATE the older windows in my bathroom, but we simply can't afford to have them replaced this year. Other than taping a curtain right over them, do you have any ideas for us?

Answer: Put the tape away. Interior acrylic block shutters are definitely the answer to your dilemma.

These operable shutters install inside the home over your existing windows. They can transform the look of your entire room (plus give you added privacy) in just minutes!

You can choose to leave the lightweight block shutters closed at all times or open one (or both) sides to allow more light and airflow into the bathroom. Either way, they're a fast, easy-to-install solution for your home.

Deck the Halls with Decorative Glass
  Don't think the holidays have passed you by! There's still plenty of time to deck the halls --- and the closets, and the bedrooms and the kitchens --- with decorative glass windows!

Experts at Hy-Lite recommend decking out the entire home in 2017 with stylish privacy windows. "Many people think decorative glass windows are used exclusively for bathrooms, but that's far from the truth!" says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Wherever there's a window opening in the home, there's the great potential to add beauty with a decorative glass window.

"While bathrooms are an ideal location for these privacy windows, we've also seen them used in family rooms, guest rooms and kitchens. The possibilities within the home are endless for 'decking the walls' with decorative glass windows."

From traditional to contemporary to modern, decorative glass windows complement a wide variety of home styles. The Home Designer Collection of windows includes Mission, Baroque, Prairie and Metro windows in several sizes. Each window is constructed with silkscreened tempered privacy glass and finished with textured privacy glass on the exterior to provide seclusion. Light filters into the windows, however people cannot see through the windows into the home.

For home offices, living rooms, family rooms and foyers, architecturally-shaped windows in oval and geometric shapes provide a unique way to add light into the home. Available in both fixed and operable styles (including casement and awning), decorative glass windows feature double- or triple-glazed construction with options such as elegant wrought iron elements and metal caming.

"Clear glass windows are functional, but boring," says Murphy. "With designs like Craftsman, Spring Flower and Victorian, a house certainly is 'all decked out' when decorative glass windows highlight special areas of the home."

Hy-Lite offers a free Privacy Window Design Guide that provides design inspiration, room transformations and a complete overview of the company's operable and fixed acrylic block and decorative glass windows. The colorful brochure showcases unique installations of privacy windows, wall systems and door inserts. To receive the free guide, call 888-256-2599 or visit www.hy-lite.com to download on the literature page.

Resolve to Get a Privacy Window
  Here's a new year resolution that's easy to keep: decide to stop pulling the blinds and shades in your bathroom.

Not to worry, we're not suggesting you go "on display" for your neighbors. What we're recommending is that you invest in a privacy window. This way you no longer have to worry about the hassles of pulling up and dropping down shades or curtains each time you want to take a bath or get dressed.

"Windows should not be hidden behind drawn window treatments all the time just so you can feel comfortable in your own home," says Laura Sikes with Hy-Lite. "Instead, resolve in 2017 to replace your old bathroom windows with an acrylic block window or a decorative glass window. Both bring decorative style to your bathroom while protecting your privacy."

Available in fixed and operable styles, Hy-Lite windows come in dozens of sizes and styles, so they're a perfect fit for your bathroom.

"Just imagine the freedom of never again having to close a window treatment in your bathroom," says Sikes. "Once you discover the luxury of a privacy window you'll wonder why you waited so long to make life better with this easy home improvement change!"

Bathroom Acrylic Wall Panel Options
  Question: We live in an older home with almost no space in our bathroom for privacy. When my husband is in the shower the curtain keeps "floating" over to the vanity area making it hard to get ready for work in the morning. Any suggestions?
Gail Mays
Reno, Nevada

Answer: Absolutely. We understand that shower curtains move around sometimes from the force of the spray. We recommend you get rid of that pesky curtain!

At Hy-Lite we manufacture custom acrylic block walls that are often used to create shower enclosures. There's no need for a curtain at all since these blocks are obscure and protect the privacy of the person in the shower.

Lightweight and completely prefabricated, our interior block walls don't need any structural reinforcements. As a bonus you can select from flat or radius wall styles ... plus, we offer wave, glacier and cross rib block options so you can select the design that best complements your bathroom!

How to Add Sparkle to Your Home for the Holidays
  Are you looking to transform your home in time for Christmas? There's an easy way with long-term benefits. Just add a decorative glass window to your hallway, guest bathroom or living room!

"All that sparkles doesn't have to be on the tree this holiday season," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Replacing a standard clear glass window with a decorative glass window is a simple way to upgrade the look of key areas throughout the home.

"Imagine sunlight playing through bevels of cut glass to bring sparkling light into a foyer or dining room. Or, picture silk screened elegance giving your kitchen a completely new look. These are windows you'll love to look at every day of the year."

Available in both fixed and operating styles, decorative glass windows are available to fit a wide range of small and large spaces in the home. An assortment of design styles are available, including Victorian, Craftsman, Wrought Iron and Spring Flower. The popular Home Designer Collection also offers four unique silkscreened options to homeowners: Baroque, Metro, Mission and Prairie style windows.

"Adding a decorative glass window to the home is better than decorating your house for the holidays," says Murphy. "You gain privacy, curb appeal, and interior style elements all from one window replacement!"

Designed to offer beauty to a room while preventing too-close-for-comfort neighbors to look into the house, privacy windows become the view for homeowners. Natural daylight flowing through these windows creates an attractive setting. And, operable casement, awning, slider and single hung units can easily be opened to encourage airflow in the home.

  Question: We're having a new home built with a large, luxurious shower. How can we get light into the shower without sacrificing our privacy?
Jan and Kent Burkpile
Jacksonville, Florida

Answer: You've touched on one of the hottest trends in construction right now --- adding daylighting techniques to master showers.

You can add more light to the bathroom overall by considering a skylight, but the best way to add light specifically to the shower is with a transom window. Generally just 12 inches tall but up to 48 inches long, transom windows can sit high on the wall. The fixed windows encourage light into the shower and also protect your privacy.

Hy-Lite offers transom windows in both acrylic block and decorative glass styles. You may even wish to add a matching window in the same bathroom over a garden tub to tie in a design theme to your master bath!

Get a Jump on Holiday Craft Projects
  Halloween is almost here ... and that means you have less than 60 days until Christmas!

Don't panic. Hy-Lite can help. Our Craft Blocks are great for creating decorations for the homes and gifts for everyone. Plus, your children can help!

Hy-Lite durable acrylic Craft Blocks come in a standard 8" x 8" square size and are each three inches wide. Each block is fitted with a 1-1/2" access hole and has a reusable rubber seal, making it easy to add items to the blocks. But, what can you add? Here are 10 of our favorite ideas!

Project #1 - Fill with red and green candies. Put a bow around the block and you have an instant gift.

Project #2 - Place greenery and tinsel in the block along with a strand of twinkle lights for indoor or outdoor decorations.

Project #3 - Add coins to the block and a attach a wish list so your favorite person can go shopping for themselves.

Project #4 - Create a memory box by adding in ticket stubs and memorabilia from a special vacation or event.

Project #5 - Fill the block with puzzle pieces for a decorative room accent or to give to a friend for a gift.

Project #6 - Add holiday scented potpourri and small pinecones to the block to create a fast, easy gift or an accent for any room in the home.

Project #7 - Need a gift for an animal lover? Fill up the block with dog or cat treats and add a paw print decal on the outside.

Project #8 - Have a coloring book fan in the family? Add in an assortment of colorful pencils or crayons as the perfect gift.

Project #9 - Make bath time easy. Fill the acrylic block with bath beads and place near the tub for fast access.

Project #10 - Hide a small gift --- like a piece of jewelry --- inside the block and fill with tinsel. Wait until the recipient sees that all that sparkles in the block isn't just tinsel!

Easy to handle and transport, the long-lasting acrylic blocks are sold both individually and by the case at www.hy-lite.com and are offered with free shipping.

Bye-Bye Boring Bathrooms!
  Are you absolutely tired of the way your bathroom or kitchen looks? Then this is your month to make a change.

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month ... a time to focus on remodeling projects in those two rooms of the home. And, October 17 is National Mulligan Day --- you get to have a "do over" for any room you don't like!

Too often people live with the windows they "inherited" when purchasing an older home.
Perhaps you have windows that are too close to your neighbors or that bring too much light (and not enough privacy) to your bathroom. Time for a do-over.

Decorative glass and acrylic block windows from Hy-Lite give you the privacy you crave with designer style. Whether adding to a kitchen, bathroom, closet, or hallway, these easy-to-install windows enhance your home setting.

So this October, forget about living with windows that don't make much sense. Instead, plan your do-over to include window solutions from Hy-Lite.

Privacy Prairie Windows for the Bathroom
  Question: We're building a home with a traditional Craftsman style. We've selected Prairie style windows for the house, but we're worried about maintaining our privacy in the bathroom. Any suggestions?
Jean and Don Stemlife
Des Moines, Iowa

Answer: Absolutely. If you're looking for a true accent window for your home, Hy-Lite has Craftsman fixed windows in both 25" x 25" and 48" x 48". There are also awning and casement style windows that are 29" x 29".

Another option would be to use a Home Designer CollectionTM privacy window in the Prairie style in your bathroom. Simple and elegant, the lines of the Prairie style window should perfectly match the clear glass windows throughout the rest of your home.

A terrific benefit is that our Prairie window is created with silkscreened tempered privacy glass and clear lines on the interior. It's finished with textured privacy glass on the exterior and comes in sizes of 48" x 48", 48" x 12" and 36" x 60".

Celebrate Energy Awareness Month with E3SunBlock Windows
  Do your energy bills seem to escalate every time the temperatures outside get hotter?

During Energy Awareness Month in October, take a good look around your home. Are there any key windows that get "slammed" by the powerful rays of the sun ... so much so that the sun's powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays have entered your home and faded out carpeting and furniture?

We can help.

At Hy-Lite we offer three different energy efficient options for our durable acrylic block windows. These windows can actually help lower your energy bills while bringing privacy to key areas of your home.

The E3 Triple Glaze block window includes an extra panel of acrylic in the center of each block to help increase the insulative power of the window. Perfect for cooler climates, this block comes in a Glacier or Wave block pattern.

For the ultimate sun-fighting window, consider the E3 SunBlockTM PLUS window from Hy-Lite. This hard-working window combines the solar heat reduction of a SunBlock PLUS window with the insulative power of the E3 Triple Glaze window. Ideal for all climates, this is the most energy efficient acrylic block offered by Hy-Lite.

By keeping the sun's rays outside where they belong, these energy-efficient window options help keep a home more comfortable. All three block windows can be ordered in either 9" x 9" x 1-1/2" or 8" x 8" x 1-1/2" block sizes.

Affordable Fixes For a Small Bathroom
  Small bathroom renovation ideas can make any bathroom into a big deal.

Transforming a small bathroom into a luxurious one can happen when you know the right products and design tips. Here are some of our favorite things to keep in mind for small bathroom renovations:

Tip #1 - Maximize storage space with floating shelves, container storage, wall-mounted storage or even a floor to ceiling cabinet (perhaps with a mirror on the outside!).

Tip #2 - Add mirrors to enhance the space.

Tip #3 - Swap out an old window for a decorative glass window that becomes a focal point of the room. Styles from Hy-Lite include operable versions to allow air flow into the bathroom.

Tip #4 - Create a fuller space feeling with well-placed lighting.

Tip #5 - Add a stylish toilet that makes a design statement in the bathroom and ties in with 2016 bathroom trends! Consider one of the toilets from the Affordable Suite Collections from Mansfield Plumbing.

Tip #6 - Create privacy areas by using obscure acrylic block walls to separate the toilet area from the sink.

Tip #7 - Keep it light. Use brighter colors, like tones of whites, grays and beiges to create an open feeling.

Tip #8 - Add texture with glass tiles, mosaics or grained wallpaper.

Tip #9 - Stagger towel racks on the walls and add a Clutterbuster Family Towel Bar from Hinge-It . The rack stores behind the door and has four parallel bars for drying and storing towels.

Tip #10 - Forget shower curtains and frosted glass showers. Use a glass door on the shower to help make the room look bigger.

Clutterbuster - http://www.householdessential.com/ecommerce/Hinge-It%C2%AE:-Behind-the-Door-Towel-Bars-and-Hooks.cfm?cat_id=700

Hy-Lite - www.hy-lite.com

Mansfield - www.mansfieldplumbing.com

2016 Bathroom Trends
  We're more than half way through 2016 and we've seen some great bathroom trends evolve for the year. The popularity of the color gray continues on both the inside and outside of the home. Modern looks with touches of accent colors, glass tiles and wood seem to be very popular. And, people are increasingly finding fashionable ways to gain privacy in their bathrooms.

From privacy dividers made of acrylic block that separate the toilet from the sink area to decorative glass windows, stylish solutions are making a big impact in 2016 bathroom trends.

"We sometimes refer to decorative glass windows as 'art for the walls' because they're such a stunning addition to a room," says Roger Murphy, president and CEO of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "These obscure windows can be seen as both a necessity item for a bathroom --- to protect privacy --- and as a luxury item because they achieve their goal with so much pizzazz.

"Best of all, these windows are available at extremely reasonable prices. An upgrade to a privacy window definitely won't blow any budgets!"

For more insights into bathroom trends predicted for 2016 by Murphy, click

Happy National Curb Appeal Month!
  Every August homeowners across America celebrate National Curb Appeal Month by standing on the street and gazing at their homes. Many people nod with satisfaction at their beautiful landscaping, freshly-painted front door and clean shutters.

Some people hang their heads and wonder how to make their home's curb appeal more exciting.

Hy-Lite to the rescue! If you have an old window that needs to be replaced, or if you're looking for more privacy on an interior room, think about a decorative glass or acrylic block replacement window.

These windows work hard for homeowners: they provide privacy, a soothing view inside the home as well as improving the overall curb appeal of the home on the exterior.

Ideal for hallways and bathrooms, Hy-Lite windows can also be incorporated into the home as a focal window or wall of windows. Ideas are endless and the sky's the limit!

So go ahead and stand outside your home ... and imagine replacing one of your boring windows with a stand-out privacy window!

Home Designer Collection One Year Old!
  Toss the confetti and pop the champagne! The Home Designer Collection marks its first anniversary this month --- and what a year it's been!

"As soon as we launched this line of decorative glass windows, the Baroque style started selling quickly," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "People were immediately taken by the dramatic, show-stopping design inspired by classic and modern tile. It's almost like the marketplace had been waiting for this window to appear!"

The four unique privacy windows in the collection --- Metro, Mission, Prairie and Baroque --- have all found popularity in markets across the U.S. The vinyl-framed windows feature silk-screened designs with textured privacy glass on the exterior.

"The style of these windows is transitional, which ties in perfectly to the architectural styles of our homes," says Erin Riley, design director for Westin Homes in Texas. "These privacy windows appeal to a very broad audience and help buyers customize their homes to set themselves apart in a neighborhood.

"Baroque is our most popular choice by homebuyers. The simple elegance of the Prairie style comes in as a close second. The Metro style was inspired by modern architecture and features a bold three-dimensional design. All of the windows feature silkscreened tempered privacy glass with clear lines to create memorable designs, while textured exterior privacy glass provides seclusion.

"Most homeowners are shocked that windows with this much style are available for such a reasonable price. The windows are an outrageous deal."

Don't be Square!
  If you're shopping for an acrylic block privacy window, you don't have to think just in squares.

Hy-Lite offers architectural shaped acrylic block windows in everything from rounded arch tops to octagons to triangles, plus custom-sized windows! Just about whatever your dream is for an obscure acrylic block privacy window, Hy-Lite can make it.

So go ahead, think out-of-the-box. Do you need some long, thin transom windows for over a bed? Are you looking for a round window as a focal area in a dining room? Are you excited about a stair-stepped window for a formal living room? Your creativity married with Hy-Lite's extraordinary capabilities is a great match.

When you're ready to think in specialty shapes and sizes, call us at 888-256-2599. We're ready to create the acrylic block wall or window of your dreams!

How To Hide Ugly Views
  Question: There's a home that was just built right next to ours. Instead of looking out at a field, now my view from our kitchen is of the ugly HVAC unit of my new neighbor. What can we do?
Kay Callun - Florida

Answer: Smaller, closer lots are a great reason to swap out your old window for a decorative glass privacy window. Instead of looking at the unsightly unit, you can see a designer glass image every day while still getting light into your kitchen.

The really good news about Hy-Lite decorative glass windows is that many come in both fixed or operable styles. So, for your kitchen, pick an awning or casement window in a Craftsman, Spring Flower, Victorian or Wrought Iron design. That way, when you're cooking and want to ventilate the kitchen, you can easily crank open the window.

These four windows come with white, tan or driftwood frame options, and they're definitely available for retrofit frames. The latches and screens are included and the anti-corrosion hardware matches the frame color you select!

Glass Block Windows Going Strong at Hy-Lite
  With the departure of Pittsburgh Corning from the glass block industry this month, dealers, distributors and building industry professionals can to look at Hy-Lite as an alternative source for glass block windows.

"Our company has manufactured block windows for more than 25 years," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "While it's always a bit sad to see a company stop producing an in-demand product, we want people to know that Hy-Lite glass block windows are readily available."

Lighter in weight and easier to install than traditional glass block windows, Hy-Lite true glass block windows come in more than 70 sizes starting with openings at 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" and ranging up to 54-3/4" x 54-3/4". Glass block privacy patterns include Wave and Ice, with vinyl frame colors available in white, tan, driftwood and bronze.

"Pittsburgh Corning announced they will stop offering their LightWise windows effective July 15," says Murphy. "Their other glass block operations will end in September. Here at Hy-Lite, we're offering uninterrupted availability of top-quality glass block windows.

"For dealers and distributors looking to offer continual access to glass block windows, we're here as the transition solution."

Let's Talk Privacy
  What areas of your home do you want to remain private? Your bedroom ... your home office ... your master bathroom?

"Too-close houses in space-restricted neighborhoods can make gaining privacy in the home a real challenge," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "When people can easily look into a first floor bathroom or your child's bedroom, that's too close for comfort."

Murphy recommends a simple solution to feel at ease in your own home: privacy windows.

"Obscure privacy windows let light into a room while preventing nosy neighbors from peering in your house," says Murphy. "Available in many sizes and styles, privacy windows can be ordered in fixed or operable styles, to open up and allow in breezes when you want."

Decorative glass privacy windows, like the Mission, Prairie, Metro and Baroque styles of the Home Designer Collection, include vinyl-framed windows with silk-screened designs. Textured privacy glass on the exterior assures security of the windows.

"Each window has been designed to complement other elements of the home without clashing with designer focus points in a room, such as tiles or cabinetry," says Murphy. "Windows in this collection are ideal for a variety of locations in a house, like family rooms, dining rooms and foyers.

"Why should you have to worry about constantly opening and closing window treatments to protect your privacy when there are so many worry-free decorative alternatives with privacy windows? If you're living in a home that looks directly into your neighbor's yard, or you're close enough to the street for passersby to wave in at you, it's definitely time to replace an existing plain glass window with a privacy window."

Made in the USA Day
  In conjunction with Made in the USA Day on July 2nd, building industry professionals are coming together to reinforce to consumers that it's important to buy Made in America products.

"Selecting a toilet, roof or window that's made in the United States supports our economy and keeps Americans employed," says Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com. "I've had my hand on the pulse of the building industry for 20+ years as a builder, and now 20 more years as a new product reviewer, and I've seen firsthand that American-made products resonate with consumers in today's market.

"Every purchase we make impacts our nation's economy, so it's important to make a conscious effort to choose American-made products."

All Hy-Lite acrylic block windows, including frame materials, silicone, acrylic resins, and even shipping materials, are made and assembled in the United States. Dozens of American workers are employed at the Hy-Lite headquarters in Pensacola, Florida.

"There's no magic to purchasing Made in America products for home construction," says Carter. "All it takes is the dedicated effort of consumers and building professionals to look for Made in America packaging and commit to supporting our country and our economy."

Life's a Breeze ... With Breeze-Lite Frames
  The new Breeze-Lite vinyl window frame brings a sleeker, more refined look to operable acrylic block and decorative glass windows. With a three-inch depth, the frame can be used for both new construction and replacement window.

"This versatile window frame offers a more aesthetically-pleasing frame option with cleaner visual lines," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "The frame comes in white, tan or driftwood with hardware color matches to the frame selection. The appeal of this frame comes from its adaptability and overall eye-catching appearance."

The Breeze-Lite frame has a nail fin offset of one inch (with the ability to rip fins for replacement applications). Anti-corrosion hardware and screens are included with each frame.

"By using these new frames on operable windows we're able to give our casements, twin casements and awning windows a sleeker, more refined look," says Murphy. "Because we can use these on both operable acrylic block and decorative glass windows, we're able to offer this upgraded look on a wide variety of our privacy windows."

NAHB Study Shows Full Bath on Main Level Top Priority for Home Buyers
  Shopping for a new home and insisting on a full bathroom on the main floor? You're not alone.

According to a recent NAHB study of home buyers, a full bath on the main level of the home is the top accessibility feature desired by every age category surveyed --- Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Seniors. A whopping 86 percent of respondents identified a full bath on the main level as "essential" or "desirable" when looking to purchase a home.

The September 2015 study of thousands of consumers nationwide conducted by the Home Improvement Research Labs* shows a breakdown that 93 percent of Seniors surveyed want a full bath on the main level. When broken down by age designations, 86 percent of Baby Boomers had the same desire for a main level bath, followed by 78 percent of Gen Xers and 76 percent of Millennials.

"This overwhelming desire for full bathrooms on the first floor aligns with the evolving trend of preferences for first floor master bedrooms," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "The challenge is that no homeowner wants to worry about constantly closing window treatments or pulling down shades to protect their privacy in a main floor bathroom that looks out on the street or a neighbor's yard.

"With the clear preference for first floor master suites, the pressure is on builders to find ways to protect homeowner privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby."

Murphy believes privacy windows are the solution.

"Both obscure decorative glass and acrylic block windows allow light to flow into the bathroom while assuring a homeowner's privacy," says Murphy. "These designer windows come in both fixed and operable styles, so it's still possible to ventilate the bathroom while keeping it a private oasis for a homeowner without the need of window treatments."

For aging Baby Boomers and Seniors looking to create easy-access bathrooms with effortless accessibility, Murphy recommends private shower wall enclosures made of obscure acrylic block panels. Both flat and radius pre-fabricated walls are available to help builders create low-threshold shower areas in the master bath.

According to Murphy, the newer trend of spa showers in the master bathroom can also benefit from having privacy windows incorporated into their design. "Decorative windows are available in 4' by 1' sizes that can be added high above in a shower to add light into a master spa center," says Murphy. "While a 4' by 4' size can be ideal for a large space over a tub, other sizes --- including a 3' by 5' window --- are available to enhance the design of all spaces of the master suite, including a walk-in closet."

*Housing Preferences of the Boomer Generation: How They Compare to Other Home Buyers. Produced by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Economics & Housing Policy Group. Results are based on 4,326 responses to detailed questionnaires.

National Bathroom Reading Month
  This is the month many people dream about ... National Bathroom Reading Month ... the perfect excuse to spend long hours in the bathroom with a good book or magazine.

Some people prefer a luxurious soak in the tub. Others prefer their alone time "on the throne." Wherever you choose to read, one thing's for certain: you want your privacy.

Hy-Lite to the rescue. Forget about people peeking in your windows. There are a wide variety of stylish privacy windows from Hy-Lite to assure that National Bathroom Reading Month (and the other months of the year!) are nosy-neighbor free and secluded.

Whether you select from our durable acrylic or glass block windows or choose an elegant decorative glass design, you'll get plenty of reading light in through your windows while protecting your privacy. So, this June, read on ... and relax with your favorite reading material as you celebrate National Bathroom Reading Month in complete solitude.

Safely Enjoying the Sun
  Let the sun shine in ... almost!

This is National Sun Safety Week ... a good time to think twice about how many UV rays can travel into your home through your windows.

Do you really want harmful rays from the sun flooding into your home to damage carpeting, flooring and window treatments? And, what about the extra dollars you pay when you have to cool off those powerful sun rays?

Try this easy fix to keep your energy bills lower and your home damage-free. Energy efficient acrylic block windows in key areas of your home can keep Mr. Sun outside the home where he belongs!

The SunBlockTM PLUS window limits the solar heat gain allowed to penetrate into your home through tinted ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors and infrared absorbers in the resin used to make the acrylic blocks. Ideal for warm climates, these windows can be used for both new construction and replacement, and come in both operable and fixed styles.

The E3 Triple Glaze block window includes an extra panel of acrylic in the center of each block to help increase the insulative power of the window. Perfect for cooler climates, this block comes in a Glacier or Wave block pattern.

The powerful E3 SunBlockTM PLUS windows from Hy-Lite combine the solar heat reduction of a SunBlock PLUS window with the insulative power of the E3 Triple Glaze window. Ideal for all climates, this is the most energy efficient acrylic block offered by Hy-Lite.

All three of the energy efficient block options from Hy-Lite can be ordered in either 9" x 9" x 1-1/2" or 8" x 8" x 1-1/2" block sizes. The three energy efficiency options from Hy-Lite can help keep a room more comfortable during all types of exterior temperatures and assist in lowering energy bills in the home.

Colorful Window Frame Trends
  Move over white. Colorful frame options are changing the way homeowners look at their windows.

"We are definitely seeing a trend toward people requesting tan, driftwood and bronze frames for their privacy windows," says Jeff Stupp, vice president of sales and marketing with Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "We've seen this movement strengthen in the past three years, with tan being the front-runner nationally as the top alternative frame option to white.

"One of the reasons for the trend is that decorators and homeowners are taking steps to coordinate their window frames with decorative tiles in the bathroom. For example, the popular tan frames truly complement a wide range of color options used for wall and floor tiles."

Stupp relates that different geographic regions favor the color options on frames of decorative glass and acrylic block windows more than others. "In some areas in the West we actually see tan surpassing white as the most requested frame," says Stupp. "And in Texas, tan and driftwood are the king of the frames!"

According to Stupp, recent sales reports at Hy-Lite show that colorful vinyl frames are most often ordered on decorative glass windows, such as the Home Designer Collection of eclectic windows. "The unique designs of these windows are sometimes thought of as artwork in a room, so it makes sense that homeowners would want to 'frame' their artwork with a color that complements the window style."

Hy-Lite's Cover Story in Architectural West Magazine
  When the editors at Architectural West magazine decided to focus in on privacy windows in a special feature, they came to the experts for advice --- Hy-Lite Products.

The cover story of the May/June 2016 issue of Architectural West is all about adding stylish privacy window options to the home. Check out the story (which features insights from our friends at Westin Homes, Gehan Homes and KB Home) HERE.

"Projects with Payback" to Tackle During Home Improvement Month
May is Home Improvement Month --- the ideal time to make upgrades to your home that can have a solid "return on investment."

"Owning a home means you have the ability to enhance your living space on a regular basis," says Allen Lyle, co-host of the Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show. "Home Improvement Month is the ideal time to consider updating your roof, adding a deck or replacing a toilet."

Lyle reminds people that improvements to the home are more than just a necessity --- they're an investment in the life and value of the home. "Don't think of it as splurging on a new garage door or privacy window," says Lyle. "Instead, know that every positive change you make to your home adds to its overall resale value."

With these insights and motivation in mind, here are three top "projects with payback" you can consider tackling during Home Improvement Month to enhance your living space:

Project #1 - Replace a garage door. This is probably the hardest working door in your home. You enter your house through it several times a day, so update it with a style that reflects your home's character. Consider a dependable American Tradition SeriesTM steel garage door from Haas Door that combines elegant craftsmanship with durability. These carriage house style garage doors come in solid or woodgrain colors with unique overlay colors and details so you can personalize the door to your home.

Project #2 - Upgrade to a designer privacy window. Tired of too-close neighbors looking into your home? Decorative privacy windows from Hy-Lite® solve that problem. Replace existing windows in the bathroom and other rooms with eclectic Baroque, Mission, Prairie or Metro windows in the Home Designer CollectionTM to add style and privacy to your home.

Project #3 - Install a water-saving toilet. Low-flow toilets earning the WaterSense® label are certified to be at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance. That means a 1.28 gallon per flush (Gpf) toilet, like a Summit 1.28, can potentially save a family of four 16,206 gallons of water each year compared to a 3.5 Gpf toilet. Calculate your savings at the Water Savings Calculator on the Mansfield Plumbing website to determine just how much water and money your family can save by investing in a WaterSense rated toilet with a powerful flushing system.

Prepare Now for Serious 2016 Hurricane Season
  Four hurricanes. Seventy percent chance of a named storm making landfall along the west coast of Florida. Sixty percent chance that Texas will be impacted by a hurricane. These are just some of the dire predictions by the Weather Research Center for the 2016 Hurricane Season.

"Our Cyclone Strike Index (CSI) provides forecasts of the most probable landfall of where a tropical cyclone will occur during the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season," says Jill Hasling, CCM and president of the Weather Research Center. "The west coast of Florida, and Texas coastal areas, have the highest risk of being impacted this year. And, of key importance is that the Gulf of Mexico oil leases have a 90 percent chance of experiencing a named tropical cyclone.

"We're predicting seven to 10 named tropical cyclones forming in the Atlantic this hurricane season, with four of these intensifying into hurricanes. Given this forecast, now is the time for homeowners and business owners to evaluate the condition of their properties and take the necessary steps to prepare for severe weather."

How can homeowners prepare their homes? One step is to look at your windows.

Windows are a vulnerable area of the home because strong winds can implode normal windows or cause flying debris to strike and break windows. Homes in hurricane-prone areas should have windows that meet local codes and include impact-resistant glass. Even privacy windows should meet codes.

The Storm-Lite silkscreened glass privacy window from Hy-Lite® is certified to AAMA 506-06 specifications for Hurricane Impact and Cycle Testing, and has a Design Pressure Rating of DP50 in Wind Zone 4. The 4' x 4' fixed decorative glass window features a one-inch insulated unit with an annealed, laminated exterior glass in a heavy-duty vinyl frame to resist impact from flying debris. The unit also has tempered glass on the interior for enhanced safety, privacy and decorative style.

Before the onset of Hurricane Season 2016, take time to evaluate the structures where you live and work. Make upgrades and changes now that can prepare you to weather upcoming storms. For more Hurricane Preparedness Week tips, visit http://www.nws.noaa.gov/com/weatherreadynation/hurricane_preparedness.html.

Letting Spring Air in Through Operable Acrylic Block Windows
  When you're ready to open your windows to Spring weather, Hy-Lite is there to help.

Many people are surprised that Hy-Lite offers operable acrylic block windows. Don't be. Our sturdy frames make it easy for us to manufacture awning, casement, single hung, slider and basement hopper windows.

Operable acrylic block windows give you twice the benefits built into one window. You get the privacy and style you crave for the home, plus the easy ability to control the flow of air into different rooms. And, because there are no dangling cords involved with shades or window treatments, having operable block windows is also a benefit when there are children in the home.

From our large 54" x 54" awning window to our smallest 18" x 18" casement window, Hy-Lite offers window solutions to fit your needs. Ask us about our Wave, Glacier, Cross Rib and Green Wave block options that give you the ability to customize your windows. Several of our windows even have the SunBlockTM Plus block option for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

When you're ready to let Spring breezes into your home in a stylish way ... call Hy-Lite!

Acrylic Blocks Go Commercial
  Wherever you need privacy, there's a way to incorporate Hy-Lite acrylic block products. That includes in commercial projects like beauty salons, dental offices and hospitals ... even animal hospitals.

"There are businesses that require secluded spaces to function, and acrylic block partitions can make that happen in an elegant way," says Laura Sikes, marketing manager at Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company.

In Portland, Oregon, Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, was able to create private spaces for her furry patients and their owners at the Cat Hospital of Portland.

"We wanted unique spaces with lots of light and privacy," says Dr. Colleran. "The design/build firm we worked with recommended Hy-Lite radius walls to fulfill this need. Both my patients and their owners seem extremely comfortable in this bright, carefree setting."

To "untrap" light in the Cat Hospital, Hollis Elliott, owner of Hollis Elliott Construction, jumped in with the recommendation of three clear wave radius acrylic block walls in the examination rooms.

"We wanted to help the light flow from outside the building's street-side glass front into and throughout the building structure, says Elliott. "The Hy-Lite radius walls make the interiors of the examination room feel bigger, lighter and more inviting. Overall, the acrylic block products accomplished our goal of creating an openness to the building without being cost prohibitive or labor intensive to install."

Options in Fixed Picture Windows
  The "wow factor." That's what Hy-Lite's Decorative Glass Fixed Picture Windows add to a room.

Because of their classic designs and immediate impact, these windows transition a simple room into a showpiece. Whether you select elegant metal caming, wrought iron designs or light-filtering silk screens, the choice of design style and privacy level from Hy-Lite is all yours.

You have more choices, too. Select from white, tan, driftwood or bronze vinyl frame colors to enhance your window and its setting. And, if you live in an area prone to harsh weather conditions, you can even choose a Storm-LiteTM impact-resistant window.

With a dozen unique glass design styles to choose from at Hy-Lite, there's certain to be a fixed picture window that complements the style of your home.

National Window Safety Week Focuses on Keeping Families Safe
Opening the windows to warm Spring breezes is a yearly tradition in many households. However, the National Safety Council recommends thinking "safety first" before opening those windows.

"Unfortunately there are thousands of injuries each year to children related to open window accidents," says Laura Sikes, marketing manager for Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "National Window Safety Week is an excellent time for adults to think about ways to keep family members safe around open windows."

Hy-Lite, which manufactures fixed and operable acrylic block windows and decorative glass privacy windows, supports the advice offered by the National Safety Council related to windows and safety precautions.

"It's essential that adult supervision is involved whenever there are open windows, especially on upper floors of the home," says Sikes. "Children should be taught that window screens are not sturdy enough to prevent a fall, and that they should not play near open windows.

"Parents can also take precautionary measures by not placing furniture near windows, where a child might be tempted to climb. And, when children are in a room alone, windows should be closed and locked."

Sikes also recommends that National Window Safety Week is the ideal time to remove any dangling blind or shade cords from windows in the home.

"The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that about one child each month dies from window cord strangulation," says Sikes. "These are preventable accidents. Inaccessible cords can be used on windows, or windows can be installed in the home requiring no treatments at all and still gain privacy, such as with acrylic block and decorative glass windows."

The Window Covering Safety Council offers free retrofit kits to replace window coverings and more information on National Window Safety Week can be found HERE.

Bring Outside Light Indoors
  Don't trap light outside your home ... bring it indoors with acrylic block door inserts. Available in 11 different sizes, Hy-Lite's acrylic block door inserts can easily be installed in both interior and exterior doors.

Have a home office that feels too "closed in" when the door is closed to keep the kids out? Add an acrylic block door insert. Want to bring light into your kitchen but keep nosy neighbors outside? Add an acrylic block door insert. Have a rear entry door that opens into an unsightly alleyway or overlooks an ugly HVAC system? Add an acrylic block door insert!

Available in Wave, Glacier and Cross Rib block patterns, Hy-Lite acrylic block door inserts are fast and easy to install. They help transform a dark room in the home into a stylish room encouraging the flow of light.

And, don't forget that you can find the same solution to adding privacy to your home with acrylic block windows. Just replace any window with an acrylic block fixed or operable window and you get diffused light flowing into your home!

Surround Me!
  Pre-assembled acrylic block wall panels from Hy-Lite are the perfect solution for home and commercial projects.

Sturdy acrylic block wall panels come completely prefabricated and can be installed as room dividers, shower enclosures, interior accent pieces and more. Use in the bathroom, family gym (to create private work out spaces) or in offices.

Installation is a snap with Hy-Lite's snap-on installation accessories including flat and round caps and special angle finishes. And, you can choose from Wave, Glacier or Cross Rib block patterns for privacy.

These "Made in America" lightweight wall panels are ideal for adding sparkle to commercial settings such as medical and dental offices, veterinarian offices, beauty salons, yoga studios and fitness centers. For information and to order these customizable wall panels, contact Hy-Lite at 888-256-2599.

Protect Your Home
  Prepare your home for tough weather conditions ahead during National Severe Weather Preparedness Week by replacing older windows in the home with impact windows.

Storm-Lite windows in the Hy-Lite Bath-Lite Series provide the strength and security of a hurricane impact window in an economically-priced, decorative privacy design. Storm-Lite windows are certified to AAMA 506-06 specifications for Hurricane Impact and Cycle Testing and provide a design pressure rating of DP 50/Wind Zone 4.

The large 48" x 48" Storm-Lite window features a heavy-duty vinyl frame in a choice of four designer frame colors of white, tan, driftwood and bronze. The insulated window unit features annealed, laminated exterior glass for impact resistance with decorative, tempered glass on the interior for privacy and decorative style.

Transoms Top List of Popular Home Accents
  Whether positioned vertically or horizontally, transom windows are an ideal way to bring natural light into an area of your home with limited space.

At Hy-Lite, we offer several options for privacy transoms --- those special transoms that bring light in but keep nosy eyes out. The Home Designer Collection has both Prairie and Mission style privacy glass transom windows available with rough openings of 48" x 12" each. We also offer an acrylic block transom in 47-1/2" x 11-1/2" rough opening and a true glass block transom in a "47-1/4" x 9-1/2" rough opening.

Tip: Remember that transoms can be used in several ways. Position over interior doors within the home when ceilings are tall to encourage the flow of light from one room to another. Use above or running lengthwise with exterior doors to increase the overall curb appeal of the home while adding light in the interior hallway. Or, marry up with another large window to create a stylish window combination with visual appeal!

Fashionable Glass
  Want to be a fashion trendsetter this year? Start by adding stylish decorative glass windows to your home!

Fixed picture windows are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including beautiful Craftsman, Wrought Iron and Spring Flower designs. If you're looking for fresh air with your decorative glass windows, check out our awning and casement windows. These easy-to-operate windows bring cool breezes into the home when desired with a touch of elegance in their glass designs.

Get your home in shape with architectural shaped windows for small areas of your home. Hy-Lite's octagonal and oval shaped windows are ideal for bringing light and style into small bathrooms, hallways and foyers. Our Geometric, Floral and Radiance designs can be matched up with white, tan, driftwood or bronze frames to create an even more specialized window.

Aurora #1 Seller in Bath-Lite Series
  Much like the famed aurora borealis (also called the northern lights), Hy-Lite's Aurora window allows streams of light to filter into a room. You don't have to travel to Arctic regions to experience our Aurora window ... you can request our popular Bath-Lite Series Window at Hy-Lite distributors nationwide.

Available in a 48" x 48" size, the Aurora window is Hy-Lite's best selling window in the Bath-Lite Series. The eye-catching design makes it ideal for bathroom settings along with living room spaces, dining rooms and bedrooms. When matched with a colored frame (available in white, tan, driftwood or bronze), the Aurora window quickly becomes a stylish focal point in a room.

While the Aurora is our most popular Bath-Lite Series window, that doesn't mean it's your only option for adding beauty to your home. The Olympia, Decorative Star and Charming Bloom window designs are also cost-effective privacy window options for any room in the home!

Royal Oaks Commits to Hy-Lite Decorative Glass Windows
  If you live in Raleigh, North Carolina, there's a good chance that you live in a home built by Royal Oaks. The company has constructed about 3,000 homes in the area in the past decade.

Most of those homes feature privacy acrylic block windows in them manufactured by Hy-Lite. And, starting this year, home buyers have the option of selecting Hy-Lite decorative glass windows in their Royal Oaks homes.

"Today's homebuyers really appear to like the option of a decorative glass privacy window in their bathroom for privacy," says Matt Riley, director of sales and marketing at Royal Oaks. "We've developed three different price point selection categories for people to choose from for their Hy-Lite windows. Each window we offer brings a distinctive style to a the room setting."

Level 1 windows from Royal Oaks include the new Prairie and Baroque windows in the Home Designer Collection. Level 2 includes Hy-Lite's popular Spring Flower and Olympia style windows while level 3 includes the Craftsman, Victorian and Wrought Iron window selections.

"We're adding the decorative glass windows to our model homes at Stonehenge Manors, The Townes a Bella Casa and Riley's Pond," says Riley. "I anticipate we'll sell more than 400 homes in 2016, so that means we'll have many people looking at those Hy-Lite windows!"

Selling to Single Women
  Attention Builders: Want to sell more homes? Then cater to single female Baby Boomers!

Hardware + Building Supply Dealer magazine recently reported that a Del Webb survey shows that one in five Del Webb buyers (across 50 communities nationwide) is a single woman. Financially savvy and making a strong impact in the housing market, single females are a demographic that will only grow during the next decade.

So how do you specifically attract women homebuyers? With products they value --- ranging from security-focused products to those products that guarantee their privacy. For the later, Hy-Lite can help.

Key windows in the home --- especially in the bathroom --- need to offer style and privacy to make female shoppers feel comfortable. A big, spacious bathtub can be appealing to female homebuyers, but only if there's a privacy window above it.

Hy-Lite offers acrylic block, glass block and decorative glass privacy windows that answer this need. From operable units to fixed, Hy-Lite provides stylish window options that appeal to female homebuyers ... which should appeal to builders!

The Fix is In!
  At Wilson Lumber Company in Huntsville, Alabama, the fix is in ... as in fixed windows are in the store!

Since early 2014, Wilson Lumber has sold Hy-Lite fixed acrylic block and decorative glass privacy windows. This year alone they plan to sell more than 300 units.

"Aesthetics, privacy and pricing are the three big things that make these windows attractive to our customers," says Carl Judge with Wilson Lumber. "We stock 14 different Hy-Lite windows that are popular with people in our area. Our two biggest sellers are the 4/0 x 4/0 block window in a tan frame and the 42" x 42" Charming Bloom design."

A secret to the success of sales at Wilson Lumber is getting the product seen. "We add all new items to our showroom as soon as they arrive," says Judge. "It's a huge advantage to having them in the showroom for our customers to 'touch and feel' as opposed to merely looking at a picture in a brochure."

The newest addition to the showroom is the Baroque and Mission style windows in the Hy-Lite Home Designer Collection. The fixed windows are stocked at Wilson Lumber. Two additional windows, the Prairie and Metro, can be special ordered by customers.

Bath-Lite Series Finds a Home at Smith Douglas Homes

In the past 18 months, Smith Douglas Homes in Georgia has added Bath-Lite Series windows to 300 of their new homes.

What keeps the team at Smith Douglas Homes coming back to Hy-Lite windows? Quality craftsmanship and design appeal.

"The Bath-Lite Series offers our homebuyers privacy in the bathroom coupled with an aesthetically-pleasing appearance," says Geoff Shrewsbury, vice president trade relations/plan development for Smith Douglas Homes in Woodstock, Georgia. "These windows provide privacy while still allowing natural light into the bathroom. Plus, they eliminate the need for a blind on a clear glass window."

Established in 2008, with more than 40 years of previous experience in the home building industry, Smith Douglas Homes is an award-winning home builder committed to building homes of value.

"We build homes crafted for quality, built with integrity that will maintain enduring value for life," says Shrewsbury. "The classic silkscreened designs on the Bath-Lite windows we're currently installing --- and the Home Designer Collection windows we plan to offer in the near future --- are all products that help add value to our homes at an affordable price."

New Trend: Brighter Closets

Black pants matched up with navy blue shoes are a fashion no-no. So are dark brown suits with a maroon shirt. However, those mistakes are bound to happen when homeowners rummage through dark closets to select their outfits.

While overhead lights can help illuminate a closet, they have a tendency to "mislead" colors, making it commonplace for people to leave in the morning wearing a head-shaking clothing combination. Having natural light come into the closet is the ideal solution. However, many homeowners feel like they have to cover up their clear glass windows with shades, blinds or curtains to protect their privacy. This defeats their attempts at gaining natural light.

"The solution, quite simply, is to add a privacy window to a closet," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Both acrylic block and decorative silkscreened patterns on privacy windows keep out prying eyes while allowing natural light to enter the closet. This adds to both the functionality and overall beauty of the closet."

Carter Lumber Likes Hy-Lite Options

Fixed or operable acrylic block windows. True glass block windows. Decorative glass fixed or operable windows. Whatever you want, Carter Lumber can get for you.

"We will sell whatever the builder requests," says Dan Daum, window program director for Carter Lumber out of Kent, Ohio. "All 140 of our locations can order Hy-Lite privacy windows for our customers, so builders can easily order them."

What does Daum especially like about Hy-Lite's product offering? The options.

"Hy-Lite products give Carter Lumber sales people upsell options to provide to our builder base," says Daum. "Homeowners may want something different than a plain white vinyl window for privacy, and Hy-Lite provides that niche for us. Anytime we can upsell to Hy-Lite it turns into a win-win situation."

Daum plans to add another Hy-Lite offering to the company's impressive list of products in the near future. "We're working right now to introduce the new Hy-Lite Designer Collection into our design centers," says Daum. "I believe the unique designs in this selection of privacy windows will find wide appeal for both builders and homeowners."

Santa Stymied by Hy-Lite Privacy Windows
  Santa's frustrated. It's December 24th and he wants to complete his deliveries. However, when he tries to look in windows to see if Susie and Johnny are fast asleep, he can't tell. The obscure nature of the acrylic block and decorative glass in homes with Hy-Lite privacy windows are blocking Santa's view!

"We never intended our windows to be 'Santa-proof' ... just to provide privacy and style for homeowners," says Laura Sikes, marketing manager at Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Our acrylic block and decorative glass windows are designed to prevent too-close-for-comfort neighbors from looking into the home. They're used as a perfect accent in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and yes, even in bedrooms!"

Sikes encourages homeowners with Hy-Lite operable windows to perhaps leave them open just a bit for Santa to peek inside to see if the children are sleeping. "Fortunately we have operable casement, awning and slider privacy windows that allows for airflow into the home," says Sikes. "For parents with these windows, they have the ability to allow the windows to be opened for Santa to sneak a glance inside."

Baroque Break-Out Leader in Home Designer Collection Sales
  November 23, 2015 -- Inspired by designers across the country, the Home Designer CollectionTM was launched this summer featuring the Metro, Mission, Prairie and Baroque privacy windows.

"This eclectic collection of fixed windows was developed by members of our new Hy-Lite Designer Advisory Council to complement the most current home styles nationwide," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Each window is unique. The Baroque style is the breakout favorite.

"The look of classic and modern tile inspired the Baroque design. We're quickly learning this window has the 'wow factor' that makes it our leader in sales within the collection. People find the design creative and inspiring, leading them to install it in closets, bathrooms and foyers."

Watermark Homes in Fayetteville, North Carolina was the first company to purchase the Baroque window just hours after the introduction of the new product line in mid-August.

"I saw the Baroque design and wanted it immediately for a spec home we're building in Clayton, North Carolina," says Brady Rufenacht, president of Watermark Homes. "This is a different and interesting design that is like nothing I've seen before in the marketplace. We're going to install it in the master bathroom to add both style and privacy for the future homeowner."

2016 Fenestration Industry Insights from Hy-Lite
  November 16, 2015 -- Fueled by on-trend product sales and the launch of the new Home Designer CollectionTM, leaders at Hy-Lite believe our company --- and the fenestration industry --- are poised for continued success in 2016.

"The desire for decorative privacy windows in the home has grown steadily in recent years," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Homeowners want light in key areas of the home, but they also desire privacy in some areas like bathrooms, first floor master bedroom suites and closets. Acrylic block, glass block and decorative privacy windows all offer the easy solution."

For 2015, Murphy reports a consistency of sales for popular products that aligns with previous years. In the decorative glass category, the company's Victorian, Aurora and Craftsman designs remain top sellers. In the acrylic block arena, the large 47" x 47" and 42" x 42" fixed windows continue to be the top favorites. And, for true glass block windows, the 46-3/4" x 46-3/4" fixed window remains the company's best seller.

"We know from year-after-year successes with these windows that they fill the niche of privacy windows for builders, remodelers and homeowners," says Murphy. "Based on the popularity of previous privacy window sales, we launched the new Home Designer Collection line of fixed silk-screened and wrought-iron decorative glass windows in the third quarter of 2015. Sales have already been strong and we think they will continue to grow in 2016."

Great Ways to Improve Your Bathroom
  November 11, 2015 -- You start and end your day in the bathroom ... so it should be a place that's welcoming, relaxing and private.

If you're remodeling a bathroom, start by thinking of adding a coordinated suite of products to unite the style of the tub, sinks and toilet. Then look around at the windows in your bathroom. Instead of using clear glass windows that will need to be covered up with you desire privacy, look at your options.

Fixed and operable acrylic block, true glass block and decorative glass privacy windows add style to the bathroom while keeping away prying eyes. With dozens of styles and options to choose from, you can add a window that complements your bathroom's design style. From contemporary to modern to Arts & Crafts, Hy-Lite has a wide variety of windows that are the perfect way to add privacy and elegance to your bathroom.

Finally, when you're ready to add the "icing on the cake," select decorative millwork for your bathroom to enhance its elegance. Remember, bathrooms are humid, so look for moisture-resistant polyurethane moulding and accent pieces to add around shower stalls, frame out mirrors and enhance your window.

There's no place like home. And within your home, there's no place like the bathroom. Give this important room your full attention when making home upgrades.

Back to School -- With Hy-Lite Windows
  November 2, 2015 -- The gymnasium at The Lutheran School of Flushing and Bayside is an active space where 161 students regularly play basketball, volleyball and other sports. When it came time to replace the windows in the gym, the executive team at the school called in Window World of Long Island for ideas, inspiration and top-quality products.

"As soon as I saw this space, my mind immediately thought about the potential for stray balls to hit the windows," says Aaron Levy, vice president of marketing and customer development for Window World of Long Island. "The old windows had steel frames and had to be replaced with plexiglass over time due to the problem of this being an active space. Our idea was to marry up our large picture windows with operable acrylic block awning windows from Hy-Lite.

"The school needs safe, secure and durable windows in this area where bouncing balls routinely hit the windows. We've been selling Hy-Lite products for about six years, so we know they're the perfect solution for this space. In addition to being sturdy, the awning windows open to allow fresh air in, but also protect the privacy of the gym with their obscure design. It's a winning match for this project."

Window World of Long Island, which serves Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn counties, will install 32 Hy-Lite awning windows in the school's gym before the end of the year. The company previously replaced the windows in the classrooms at the school and handles a multitude of residential and commercial projects from their base in Farmingdale, New York.

First Floor Master Suites Demand Privacy
  October 14, 2015 -- Aging baby boomers looking for easier accessibility within the home are gravitating toward master bedroom suites located on the main floor. Those same homeowners are now faced with how to protect their privacy when it could be easy for neighbors and people passing by to glance into first floor bedrooms and bathrooms.

"Since the trend of first floor master suites is here to stay, it's important for builders to take the steps necessary to protect homeowner privacy," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Especially in bathrooms, that solution is designer privacy windows."

Murphy points out that privacy windows come in a variety of styles, including opaque decorative glass, acrylic block and true glass block windows. Some units are operational, while others are fixed.

"Having a garden or whirlpool tub can be a relaxing getaway in the home --- unless you have to worry about people walking by or too-close-neighbors seeing you in the tub!" says Murphy. "Privacy windows take away that worry in style. Some windows, like our Home Designer Collection, offer silkscreen glass designs on the decorative windows that complement the overall style of the home."

What Designer Advisory Council Members Have To Say about New Home Designer Collection Windows
  October 7, 2015 -- According to advisory council member Erin Riley with Westin Homes, the opportunity to influence new product development with Hy-Lite had many rewards. "In both the Houston and Austin markets we will use the Metro and Baroque windows in our homes," says Riley. "Metro for those homebuyers who want the edgy modern look or for those who like simple, clean lines. The Baroque will be used for a softer, yet stylish look. Being involved in the creation of these windows allowed our company to truly gain products that will work well for homebuyers in our Texas marketplace."

In California, KB Home also plans to benefit from assisting in developing the new Home Designer Collection of eclectic windows.

"I see the Metro window design working especially well in our urban communities of Los Angeles," says Gabby Barton. "This new look is highly sophisticated and in line with the urban architectural design of the homes we're building there. I hope to get samples of the Metro, Baroque and Mission style windows in our showrooms soon to share with our clients throughout our area."

The new Hy-Lite Home Designer Collection of privacy windows launched in August, 2015. Design styles include Metro, Mission, Prairie and Baroque.

Safety First: No Dangling Window Cords
  October 1, 2015

The month of October is dedicated to Window Covering Safety Month, an awareness campaign launched six years ago by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC). According to the CPSC, approximately 200 infants and young children have died since 1990 from accidentally getting strangled in window cords.

"The safety of children around the house should be a top priority for every homeowner," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "The national campaign in October urges parents with corded blinds, shades and draperies to replace dangling cords with safer, cordless products.

"We applaud that effort, and we also remind parents that there are alternatives to having coverings over clear glass windows. Privacy windows --- whether made from decorative glass designs, acrylic blocks or true glass blocks --- don't require or use blinds, shades or draperies.

"Privacy windows add style to the home and many of them can easily be opened to allow in fresh air. For homeowners with small children at home, privacy windows are the ideal safety solution to dangling cords that can bring peace-of-mind along with design appeal."

Mission Accomplished!
  Congratulations to 84 Lumber in Huntersville, North Carolina for selling the first Mission style window in the new Home Designer Collection!

Nick Mann with 84 Lumber recommended the window as a design alternative to a window originally drawn on new home plans by residential designer Jason Reid with Century Designs, Inc. for his personal home.

"The Mission style window appeals to the Craftsman style designs that are popular in our market," says Mann. "I can see the Baroque style also doing well for homes being built with heavy homeowner involvement. This is a design that women will especially love!

"We've sold Hy-Lite acrylic block windows in the past, but we believe the new designs being offered in the Home Designer Collection will appeal to an even wider range of builders and homeowners."

According to Reid, the window will be the ideal solution to a privacy issue in his home. "We plan to have this new Mission window installed in the master bath," says Reid. "I can easily see how it will add both privacy and style to the room. Since I'm a designer I wanted something with a real 'wow factor' and I got it with this window. As a bonus, the Mission design of the window complements other design elements of our new home!"

Meet the Hy-Lite Designer Advisory Council
  A tip of the hat to all the members of the new Hy-Lite Designer Advisory Council for helping us create our new Home Designer Collection of privacy windows.

"We're exceptionally grateful that design specialists from leading companies like KB Home, Westin Homes and David Weekley Homes all agreed to share their insights with us and serve on our Hy-Lite Designer Advisory Council," says Jeff Stupp, vice president of sales for Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Their expertise and trends analysis were extremely influential in creating our new Home Designer Collection. From their feedback we were able to successfully produce the Metro, Mission, Prairie and Baroque privacy windows."

Members of the Hy-Lite Designer Advisory Council include:

• Chad Baker, Drafter with Sydes Communities in North Carolina
• Gabby Barton, Southern California Studio Director, with KB Home
• Gena Kirk, Sr. Director of Studio Operations, with KB Home (National)
• Adrienne Hibbert, Design Center Coordinator with Bonterra Builders in North Carolina
• Claudine Imler, Design Studio Manager with David Weekley Homes in Charlotte, North Carolina
• Monique Bolling, Design Center Manager with David Weekley Homes in Raleigh, North Carolina
• Gwynne Liebl, Purchasing & Design Studio Manager with Beazer Homes in Georgia
• Erin Riley, Design Director with Westin Homes in Texas
• Gene Singleton, Drafter and Designer with Waccamaw Design/Quest Builders in South Carolina
• Brittany Biondi, Senior Design Consultant with Ryland Homes in Alpharetta, GA
• Angela Kuhn, Design Center Manager with DR Horton in Atlanta, GA
• Rebekah Carver, Regional Houston Design Center Manager with Wisenbaker Regional Design Center in Houston, TX
• Laura O'Connor, with Laura O'Connor Design in Carpentersville, IN

Hy-Lite Celebrates "Shameless Promotion Month"
  September is "Shameless Promotion Month" so we're jumping on board to let you know our decorative glass, acrylic block and true glass block windows are your best options for adding style and privacy to your home!

We take seriously our offering of "Your Home. Your Style." and offer a wide range of products to meet your needs. Check out our new literature and you'll find a Decorative Glass Windows section covering Hy-Lite's eclectic new Home Designer CollectionTM, the Bath-Lite® Series, fixed windows, architectural shapes and awning and casement windows.

The Acrylic Block Windows section of the literature focuses on popular acrylic blocks used in the our fixed and operable windows, shower walls and wall partitions, door inserts and interior shutters. A special area is dedicated to commercial use of acrylic block products. And, the final section of the literature looks at True Glass Block Windows.

We've got what you need to help create beautiful and private settings in your home!

Home Designer Collection Now Available
  Need an eclectic, unique privacy window for your home? We've got the answer! The new Hy-Lite Home Designer Collection of decorative glass windows was inspired by designers from across the country.

The collection includes vinyl-framed windows with silk-screened designs that enhance the home. Design styles include:

- Metro - inspired by modern architecture with clean lines and a progressive industry feel, this window features a micro-crossreed texture and a bold three-dimensional design. True low-carbon wrought iron and tempered safety glass make this a stand-out window. Available in a 48" x 48" size.

- Mission - a true Craftsman-inspired design, this window is constructed with silkscreened tempered privacy glass and clear diamond shapes on the interior. The fixed unit is finished with textured privacy glass on the exterior and comes in both a 48" x 48" size and a 48" x 12" size.

- Prairie - simply elegant, this transitional design is versatile enough to complement a variety of home styles from traditional to contemporary. Created with silkscreened tempered privacy glass and clear lines on the interior and finished with textured privacy glass on the exterior, this window style comes in sizes of 48" x 48", 48" x 12" and 36" x 60".

- Baroque - a dramatic, show-stopping design inspired by classic and modern tile, this window provides a unique way to blend texture into a room. Silkscreened tempered privacy glass with clear lines creates this memorable design, while textured exterior privacy glass provides seclusion. Available in 48" x 48" and 36" x 60" sizes.

First Baroque Window Sold to Watermark Homes!
  Who's #1 in our books? Watermark Homes in Fayetteville, North Carolina! That's because they were the first company to purchase a new Home Designer Collection window just hours after we brought them to the marketplace last week.

"I saw the Baroque design and wanted it immediately for a spec home we're building in Clayton, North Carolina," says Brady Rufenacht, president of Watermark Homes. "This is a different and interesting design that is like nothing I've seen before in the marketplace. We're going to install it in the master bathroom to add both style and privacy for the future homeowner."

Rufenacht also looks forward to purchasing the new Mission and Prairie style windows in the Home Designer Collection." Perhaps 20 percent of the homes we build have a prairie theme, so I can see using the new Prairie windows in those homes," says Rufenacht. "These are all enticing new window designs that we believe will help our homes stand out in our marketplace."

Watermark Homes constructs semi-custom homes in the Cumberland and Johnston County areas of North Carolina. For more details on the company, visit www.WatermarkHomesNC.com. And, for more details on the four new styles in the Home Designer Collection, click HERE.

Then and Now: Remodeler Prefers Hy-Lite Windows
  Back in 2004 Hy-Lite did a profile story on remodeler David Tyson in Charlotte, North Carolina. We chose to profile Tyson then because he referred to Hy-Lite acrylic block windows as his "ace in the hole" when it came to making customers happy.

We recently caught up with Tyson and he's still using Hy-Lite windows whenever possible and recommending them to his customers.

"I pick timeless products for my clients that will last," says Tyson, with David Tyson & Associates, Inc. "These windows offer privacy and beauty for my customers and they're far easier and faster for me to install than bulky glass block windows. The Hy-Lite windows help save headaches and costs on the jobsite.

"Another key factor in my faith in Hy-Lite is that I've never had a callback on their products. That helps my reputation and makes my customers very satisfied."

Now that the economic downturn has reversed, Tyson's business is steady these days. Starting in 2011 he and his son began seeing business pick up. In recent years they've focused on bathroom renovations along with some large home remodeling and addition projects.

"In the past decade homeowners have become a great deal more informed and educated on the variety of building products in the marketplace," says Tyson. "They have the resources to investigate options before they every meet with me.

"That's fine, but when someone asks for heavy glass block windows I'm always quick to point out that Hy-Lite acrylic block windows are lighter in weight, are available as operable units in addition to fixed units, and that they have proven themselves to me for many years. Fortunately many folks listen to my recommendation and they're always happy in the long run!"

August is National Curb Appeal Month
  A month just to focus on curb appeal for the home? You bet! August has been designated National Curb Appeal Month and it's a great time to look at your home with the eyes of other people.

There are typically "Three C's of Curb Appeal" which are clean, clutterfree and colorful. August is the perfect time of year to power wash your driveway and walkway, clean your windows and even get rid of dead vegetation. To de-clutter your home exterior, put away excessive yard art, children's toys and even thin out your bushes. Then, to add color, consider adding flowers in key landscape areas, decorative flags and repaint your shutter, trim and front door.

Hy-Lite can also play a role in curb appeal for your home. Our acrylic block and decorative glass windows are as beautiful on the outside of the home as they are on the inside!
Naturally you get all the privacy benefits with our windows when you're inside your house ... but, on the outside "not looking in" Hy-Lite products help enhance your home's curb appeal.

During August, take a good look at your home exterior. Pace yourself and do the needed maintenance needed outside the house. Then, come inside and relax behind your designer Hy-Lite windows!

Remodeling Today for a Better Tomorrow
  Want to know what Baby Boomers are thinking about their remodeling plans? A new study from The Hartford and the University of Southern California can help!

This study shows that bathroom remodels top lists for Boomers, with kitchens falling right behind. Luckily, Hy-Lite® offers acrylic block and decorative glass windows that can enhance both those important rooms of the home!

Need privacy in your bathroom to enjoy a relaxing bath? Obscure and decorative windows from Hy-Lite® are the solution. You can use those same windows in the kitchen to prevent peeping eyes of too-close-neighbors. Whether you fall into the Boomer age group or any other category, if you're looking for style and privacy in the home, contact us at Hy-Lite®! And, for more details and results of the study, click HERE.

Window Art for the Home
  JULY 7, 2015 - (PENSACOLA, FLA) - What if the framed feature painting in your living room got less attention from visitors than your decorative glass windows? What if your eyes strayed from the person you were talking to over dinner and lingered on the delicately-designed windows behind them? These situations all turn to reality when homeowners add stylish glass windows to the their home.

"Decorative glass windows add so much character to a room that they become the view," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "These windows serve as their own artwork for any room with the added benefit of providing privacy in the home."

At Hy-Lite, an assortment of square, geometric and oval shaped windows are available in both fixed and operable styles. Some windows feature black, satin or brass caming while other windows boast impressive silkscreened designs.

"Having the Brilliance style wrought iron window in a dining room setting of an Arts & Crafts or Traditional style home makes quite a statement," says Murphy. "Another option for this home style would be a Craftsman style awning, casement or fixed window. With the selection of styles available, there's definitely the perfect fit for every home style."

Murphy dismisses the old-school thought that decorative glass windows belong just in bathroom settings. "Why hide the beauty of these windows?" says Murphy. "Yes, they dramatically enhance any bathroom, but then you're not sharing the art of these windows with the rest of your family and guests!"

Bathroom Makeover Giveaway!
  June 2015 (PENSACOLA, FLA) -- Dreaming of a newly-renovated bathroom? Turn those dreams into reality by entering the "Bathroom Makeover Giveaway" between June 19 - July 17. You could win a Brentwood Suite package of stylish tub, toilet and sinks from Mansfield Plumbing and an acrylic block privacy window from Hy-Lite.

Go to On the House with the Carey Brothers radio show website for more details (click HERE). You'll find a variety of ways to enter. The more involved in the giveaway, the more times you can enter for a chance to win! You'll also find details on the Facebook page for On the House.

This summer, we're helping one lucky winner turn their blissful bathroom dreams into a stunning new bathroom suite. That winner could be YOU!

Myrtle Beach Contractor Uses Hy-Lite Products
  June 2015 -- (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) -- When it comes to setting homes apart in the marketplace, Flagship Construction stands out in the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina. With six communities, this builder team relies on making sure customers are 110% satisfied ... and one of the products they use that helps build that satisfaction level are privacy windows from Hy-Lite.

"We include Hy-Lite acrylic block windows in about 260 bathrooms in homes we construct each year," says Rob Huber, architectural department manager with Flagship Construction. "We generally use them as a standard privacy window over the tops of showers and above garden windows. This way homeowners gain natural light coming into the bathroom while having their privacy protected."

For the past four years Flagship Construction has experienced positive results with the acrylic block windows. "This is a very good product that we don't have any issues with," says Huber. "Using these windows sets us apart in our marketplace. We're going the extra step to give our customers something unique that they really appreciate long-term."

250+ Acrylic Block Windows Used by Barefoot & Co. Each Year
  May 2015 -- (CHARLOTTE, NC) -- Bill Green knows how to help his production builder customers' privacy solutions for their bathrooms: Hy-Lite acrylic block windows.

"When we see a plan, we put an acrylic block window option in for the opening over the tub," says Green, director of operations at Barefoot and Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. "We're always trying to build awareness that this is not a cost prohibitive option for the buyer. It's a great, simple upgrade for the builder that adds privacy and style to the bathroom, especially in communities where homes are very close to each other."

Barefoot and Company has been selling Hy-Lite products for four years --- to the tune of about 250 acrylic block windows a year.

"We have a good partnership with Hy-Lite," says Green. "They have fast lead times and the quality of the product is always reliable. This is a win-win for everyone. The obscure windows are a great alternative to clear glass windows for homeowners and our builder customers look like heroes!"

Trusst Builders Relies on Hy-Lite Windows
  May 2015 - (LELAND, NC) - Bathroom occupants deserve privacy, and Trusst Builders has delivered that privacy feature for more than 10 years by installing obscure Hy-Lite acrylic block windows in their bathroom settings.

"We install more than 80 acrylic block windows in bathrooms each year in our homes," says Steve Hamalainen, director of operations for Trusst Builder Group out of Leland, NC. "Year after year we depend on Hy-Lite products to add both style and practical privacy to our bathrooms.

"Some builders would feature these decorative windows as an upgrade, but for our company it's a standard product because our customers have been so pleased with these windows. They come as either fixed or operational, and they always allow in natural light while protecting homeowner privacy."

Manufactured in Florida, acrylic block windows from Hy-Lite come in a variety of sizes and styles, including custom configurations. The diversity of frame color options, block colors and block sizes allow Trusst Builder Group to always find the perfect window for their home plans.

"We have a good, solid history with Hy-Lite," says Hamalainen. "For 10 years these products have been delivered on time and have not had any leaks or problems. Our customers like them and we rely on these acrylic block windows to set our homes apart in our marketplace."

Trusst Builder Group is a 2012 partnership of Trusst Builders and Hearthside Builders, each with a long history in southeastern North Carolina. The company constructs value-priced, custom-quality homes where premier finishes are standard. For more information, visit www.trusstbuildergroup.com.

Builder Tips for Creating Privacy Solutions
  April 16, 2015 - PENSACOLA, FLA - Builders looking to offer new homebuyers privacy in the home are turning to acrylic block and decorative glass windows. Experts at Hy-Lite report that sales of privacy windows are increasing steadily as builders rely on the unique windows to meet homeowners' demands for privacy.

"Whether it's a bathroom setting that demands the ultimate in privacy or a kitchen that overlooks a neighbor's ugly garage, privacy windows have become the solution for builders," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "There are two specific reasons we're seeing why builders are increasing their use of specialty windows.

"The first is to set their homes apart with unique, personalized windows in the home that new home buyers can get excited about; that creates a desire for sales. The second is because home lots are getting closer and closer in some geographic areas --- and builders want to create secluded home spaces. Decorative glass and acrylic block windows solve both these needs."

Offered as both fixed and operable units in a variety of sizes and styles, acrylic block and decorative glass windows have become a go-to solution for builders throughout the country. For 15 years the team at Eastwood Homes has relied on Hy-Lite windows for their new construction needs throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

"Eastwood Homes returns to using Hy-Lite products because the windows are an attractive and affordable feature which allows our buyers to enjoy privacy in their master bathrooms while still taking advantage of the natural sunlight," says Justin Myers, corporate vice president of operations for Eastwood Homes. "The Hy-Lite windows are much more attractive than other alternatives for adding privacy to a large window over a soaking bathtub.

"Across our six divisions, Eastwood Homes uses Hy-Lite products in approximately 200 homes annually as an option in our deluxe master bathrooms."

Acrylic block windows and wall systems from Hy-Lite come in a variety of frame color options, plus block sizes and styles. Custom configurations are available for personalizing space in the home.

Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the leading manufacturer of acrylic block, glass block and decorative glass windows. The company's privacy product options include acrylic block shutters, accent panels, radius walls, partition walls, door inserts and shower walls. Since 1988, the Pensacola, Florida-based company has been committed to providing residential and commercial construction professionals and homeowners with elegant, affordable privacy window designs.

Privacy with a Breeze
  PENSACOLA, FLA - (FEBRUARY 2015) - Homeowners looking for privacy within the home, but desire natural airflow, are finding the solution with Hy-Lite operable acrylic block and decorative glass windows.

Designed to offer beauty to a room while preventing too-close-for-comfort neighbors to look into the house, privacy windows become the view for homeowners. "These windows are designed to be artwork for the interior of the home," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Natural daylight flowing through these windows creates an attractive setting. And, operable casement, awning, slider and single hung units can easily be opened to encourage airflow in the home.

"Whether it's an acrylic block window directly over a bathtub or a set of decorative glass windows in a kitchen, privacy windows are the perfect accent for any room. There are a wide variety of styles, sizes and enhancements that can be requested with the windows to customize the units for the personal style needs of the homeowner."

Murphy also stresses that privacy windows can help builders enhance their new home projects by adding the "ahhh factor" to a room. "Every time I see a homeowner go into a room with a privacy window they stop and get 'captured' by the window," says Murphy. "It's such a beautiful focal point in a room that builders tell us the use of these windows in their projects really sets them apart in the marketplace."

Hy-Lite offers a free Privacy Window Design Guide that provides design inspiration, room transformations and a complete overview of the company's operable and fixed acrylic block and decorative glass windows. The colorful brochure showcases unique installations of privacy windows, wall systems and door inserts. To receive the free guide, call 888-256-2599 or visit www.hy-lite.com to download on the literature page.

Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the leading manufacturer of acrylic block, glass block and decorative glass windows. The company's privacy product options include acrylic block shutters, accent panels, radius walls, partition walls, door inserts and shower kits. Since 1988, the Pensacola, Florida-based company has been committed to providing residential and commercial construction professionals and homeowners with elegant, affordable privacy window designs.

Popular Bath-Lite Series Expanding
  When the weather gets tough, the tough weather stays outside --- behind new Storm-Lite windows from Hy-Lite. Available now as an expansion to the company's popular Bath-Lite Series, the new impact-resistant Storm-Lite etched glass window brings beauty, privacy and security to an elegant window at an affordable price.

The 4' x 4' Storm-Lite window comes in one of Hy-Lite's most popular design styles, the Aurora, and is suitable for bathroom, living room and dining area settings. Storm-Lite is certified to AAMA 506-06 specifications for Hurricane Impact and Cycle Testing, and has a Design Pressure Rating of DP50 for winds up to 160 mph in Wind Zone 4.

"This durable window features a one-inch insulated unit with an annealed, laminated exterior glass to resist impact from flying debris," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "There's also tempered glass on the interior of each unit for enhanced safety, privacy and decorative style."

Storm-Lite windows feature heavy-duty vinyl frames in the choice of four designer frame colors of white, tan, driftwood and bronze. The windows have joined the family of Bath-Lite Series products from Hy-Lite that are known for their affordability and elegance.

"We created the Bath-Lite Series to give builders, remodelers and homeowners a cost-effective option for a privacy window that is more imaginative than simple frosted glass or rain glass," says Murphy. "These windows represent 'eye candy' for the home without breaking the budget. They have all the terrific features of decorative glass windows while boasting a value-added price tag."

Introduced to the marketplace in 2013, the Bath-Lite Series includes the Aurora, Olympia and Decorative Star (formerly Texas Star) designs in a variety of sizes, frame colors and nail fin options. The windows have all been designed and constructed to offer an elegant way to ensure privacy in the home while allowing in light. Classic etched designs on the windows replicate individually-pieced decorative glass windows at an affordable price.

Hy-Lite Featured in Pensacola News Journal
'Reshoring' brings jobs back to U.S., including Pensacola
  Click to view article

Looking at 2015
  What's ahead in the housing industry for windows in 2015? According to experts at Hy-Lite, privacy windows in the home will continue to surge in popularity.

"Today's homeowner wants privacy and style from their bathroom windows," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Fortunately we deliver both with our impressive selection of decorative glass, acrylic block and glass block windows."

Murphy reports that the company has seen a steady increase in recent years of decorative glass window sales. "As builders look to differentiate their homes in the marketplace, they are embracing decorative glass window options," says Murphy. "And, they're getting creative with the placement of those windows. While the bathroom remains the most popular room in the home for decorative glass units, we're also seeing builders and remodelers install them in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

"These windows are being used especially in homes that are built close to neighboring houses. The privacy features of our decorative glass windows allow light in the home without giving the residents next door the ability to look into the house."

For 2014, the most popular-selling decorative glass designs from Hy-Lite included the Victorian, Aurora, Craftsman and Oval styles of windows. Style trends research suggest that these unique designs will continue in their popularity in 2015, and will be joined by the company's Wrought Iron and Geometric Octagon designs.

"2015 holds many opportunities for increased usage of both our decorative glass and acrylic block windows in the home," says Murphy. "To provide builders and remodelers with more options, we'll launch several new products throughout the year. These will all be first-class options for enhancing home designs with privacy products that meet the driving demand from homeowners for top-quality accent windows to set apart their homes."

New Year, New Look for Your Home with Hy-Lite® Replacement Windows
  Are you planning ahead for 2014 by researching home improvement options to create a new look for your home? While many homeowners sold their homes and bought new during the real estate upturn in 2013, others have decided to build equity in their current homes by investing in home improvements. Home improvement costs have actually dropped in recent years, and homeowners now get more financial return on their home improvement dollars.

How do you go about determining the best home improvement projects? Some of the more popular home improvements actually have a very low return on investment (ROI), such as a new deck (59.7%), roof replacement (56.7%) or a major kitchen remodel (59.7%). Remodeling magazine reports that larger projects with bigger budgets don’t necessarily pay back more, reporting in their annual analysis of cost versus value, “… a kitchen "face-lift" — painting, refinishing surfaces, and upgrading appliances — will return more than a full redesign. The key to spending less is spending it wisely.”

One type of home improvement widely viewed by home building experts as a good investment is replacement windows. There are many reasons homeowners replace windows, especially if they have drafty windows with sashes that are difficult to operate, or glass that’s hard to get clean. Homeowners occasionally choose to replace wood windows simply due to tedious annual maintenance. Whether your windows are old or they require regular maintenance, adding replacement windows gives you the perfect opportunity to create an attractive, new look for your home.

Acrylic block replacement windows from Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, are attractive and affordable, offering everything you hope to gain from your next home improvement project. Hy-Lite® acrylic block privacy windows are available in virtually any size, shape or window type, including operable casements, awnings, single hungs, sliders, and basement hoppers.

Hy-Lite® acrylic block replacement windows add privacy
In addition to adding value to your home, replacement windows offer increased privacy. In many suburban areas, new development has increased in residential neighborhoods to the extent that you may now have neighbors you did not have three to five years ago. Whereas, at one time you may have had a pretty vista across your side or back yard, you may now face another home that has been built in the last couple of years. For many homeowners this presents a significant privacy issue, especially for first floor living. Homeowners often choose to add privacy replacement windows, such as fixed or operable acrylic block replacement windows by Hy-Lite®.

Hy-Lite® acrylic block privacy windows offer energy-efficiency options
With pre-framed energy-efficient all-vinyl frames, Hy-Lite® acrylic block replacement windows include three energy-efficiency options for acrylic block privacy windows -- SunBlock™ PLUS, E3 Triple Glaze and E3 SunBlock™ PLUS. The E3 Sunblock™ Plus tinted UV inhibitors and triple glazing options are suitable for all climates and are available as upgrades to the majority of Hy-Lite acrylic block privacy window products. Energy-efficient Hy-Lite® acrylic block replacement windows pay for themselves over time by reducing heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

For many of today’s homeowners, dollars and cents do not necessarily determine exactly which projects will be executed. Simply making changes to improve the appearance of the home is of interest to most homeowners, if not all. Hy-Lite® acrylic block replacement windows provide privacy, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, enabling homeowners to build equity in their homes while adding an attractive new look. For more information about Hy-Lite windows, please visit the Hy-Lite® website at www.hy-lite.com.

Style Meets Function Using Hy-Lite Operable Windows
Let in the Fresh Air with Operable Acrylic Block & Decorative Glass Windows
  (August 2013) -- Designers and savvy homeowners often turn to acrylic block and decorative glass windows when there is a privacy concern anywhere in the home. These eye-catching windows let in filtered sunlight while preserving privacy.

What you may not know, however, is that they are also available as operable windows that welcome in fresh air and improve room ventilation. Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, offers single-hung, casement, slider and awning windows in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Now, with stylish lightweight acrylic block and decorative glass windows from Hy-Lite, a privacy window does much more than just protect your privacy - it also ventilates and adds an abundance of natural light. Perfect for the home remodeling project or new construction structures in zero-lot-line configurations, Hy-Lite windows add a unique, functional design element to homes of any age and style.

Operable acrylic block windows are also available with special energy-efficiency options, such as Sunblock® Plus, to reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your home feel more comfortable.

Casement, Awning, Single Hung and Slider Styles
If you live in a bungalow or ranch-style home, you may be frustrated with fixed or awning windows that can be clunky and unsightly. Now there is an alternative. Somewhat an industry design secret, casement, awning, single-hung and slider acrylic block windows provide the decorative privacy of traditional glass block and the functionality of an operable window.

In situations where a kitchen or dining room window faces a neighbor’s driveway or an unpleasant view, a casement or single-hung acrylic block window from Hy-Lite provides privacy and allows in fresh air as needed.

Operable Decorative Glass Windows
For a master bath suite or guest bedroom that faces a busy street or public area, decorative glass privacy casement and awning windows can provide the elegance and fresh air you want. These stylish decorative glass windows are triple-paned for energy efficiency and pre-framed in heavy-duty architectural-grade vinyl.

A Finishing Touch
Fresh air and sunlight add the finishing touch to a home, making the rooms inside feel bigger, lighter and more inviting. Check out the extensive Hy-Lite product line to find the right operable window to complement your unique style.

Privacy Windows Complete Your Bathroom Sanctuary
  If you have plans to remodel or add a bathroom, you may already be in love with the room design, including the comfy new garden tub or whirlpool. It’s gorgeous. You can imagine soaking away the stress of everyday life while looking out the window. The window! The window above the tub will fill the room with light, but what about enjoying some privacy in your bathroom sanctuary?

Most homeowners are especially interested in maintaining privacy while allowing in as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. While a carefully planted row of evergreens affords plenty of privacy, you may have a zero lot line or a popular walking path situated in close proximity to the new bathroom you plan to add or remodel. This privacy predicament requires a special solution!

When adding a room, or replacing an entire bathroom wall, you have the opportunity to make a bold statement with a new construction window designed just for your space. If your window is featured above a garden tub or whirlpool, privacy and aesthetics are important. While a frosted glass window services the privacy issue, it lacks the dramatic decorative appeal of a Hy-Lite® decorative glass window or Hy-Lite® acrylic block window.

If you’re on a budget and your dream bathroom includes a garden tub and picture window, check out the 48-inch square Bath-Lite® Series, an elegant line of decorative glass windows. The three designs of the Bath-Lite Series – the Aurora, Olympia and Texas Star – are specially designed to be both attractive and affordable.

Other Hy-Lite decorative glass windows come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as the elegant Craftsman, Victorian or Renaissance designs. If your room needs a boost in energy efficiency, you may want to look at a Hy-Lite acrylic block window with the SunBlock™ Plus option which includes UV inhibitors and infrared absorbers to reduce solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) to as low as .19.

If it’s a replacement style window you need, Hy-Lite offers fixed and custom-sized operable acrylic windows in a selection of styles and colors. Custom-sized Hy-Lite replacement windows include casement, awning, single hung, slider and picture windows. The operable Hy-Lite acrylic block window is 70% lighter and 33% more energy-efficient than traditional glass block windows.

Hy-Lite acrylic block and decorative glass windows offer homeowners the opportunity to design with style yet have the fresh air, sun light, and privacy they so deeply value in a bathroom sanctuary. For more information about Hy-Lite windows, please explore the Hy-Lite website.

Weather the Storm with DecoGuard™ Decorative Glass Windows from Hy-Lite
  (June 2013) – Have you ever experienced the loss of property due to the devastating effects of severe weather, such as high winds or flying debris from a storm or hurricane? When a powerful storm or hurricane strikes, building materials, trees and even lawn furniture can become dangerous projectiles hurtling through neighborhoods. Rebuilding after such a devastating storm is often a daunting task. One of the best ways to help protect your home is by adding heavy-duty impact-resistant windows and doors.

An industry first, impact-resistant DecoGuard™ decorative glass windows by Hy-Lite® are a beautiful addition to any room and a smart first step in advance preparation for severe weather. DecoGuard™ decorative glass windows add beauty, strength and durability to a new home or home renovation project. Why face high winds or flying debris without protection when you can prepare in advance by installing a stylishly strong impact-resistant window?

Popular home renovation expert Bob Vila notes that benefits from impact-resistant windows extend beyond the storm belt to broader security concerns. Vila says, “Impact-resistant windows are considered to be security features — they are so difficult to penetrate or separate from their frames that they reduce break-ins, theft, and property damage. There are insurance breaks for new homes built with impact resistant windows, and for existing homes remodeled to include the tougher windows and frames.”

Homeowners in many states across the country have installed impact-resistant windows, such as DecoGuard™ decorative glass windows by Hy-Lite®, to take advantage of insurance premium discounts. Thousands have benefitted from new insurance regulations in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew, and Sandy. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if it offers premium discounts.

Working with their builder, homeowners in wind-borne debris regions or high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) areas now have an attractive alternative to sturdy impact-resistant safety windows. Hy-Lite® DecoGuard™ decorative glass windows are made of high impact decorative glass certified to meet the fenestration product hurricane impact testing specification AAMA 506-06 with a design pressure of DP 50, Level D/Wind Zone 4.

The vinyl frame window is available in four designer colors -- white, tan, driftwood, and bronze -- and fits a 48” x 48” rough opening. If you are building a new home or looking to add a special design accent, talk to your trade professional about the industry’s first impact-resistant Hy-Lite® DecoGuard™ decorative glass windows. And, if you want a sneak preview, be sure to check out DecoGuard decorative glass windows on the Hy-Lite app that can be downloaded to your iPad or Android tablet from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
It’s good to know that you can weather the storm with style.

Acrylic Block Door Inserts & Sidelites for a Light-filled Home this Holiday Season
  (November 2103) -- The holidays are fast approaching and plans are being made to welcome guests into our homes as we anticipate celebrating with family and friends. Many Americans are undertaking small remodeling projects in preparation for these special events, and lightweight acrylic block privacy windows afford a number of unique options for making a lasting impression on your guests. Acrylic block door inserts and sidelites from Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company, add privacy while allowing natural light in and through your home.

Have you considered dressing up the entry area of your home with a door insert or sidelite? Or, how about adding a decorative accent window to a door or wall in an interior room? Whether adorning an exterior door, or as an insert or sidelite to an interior door, Hy-Lite’s distinctive door inserts and sidelites carry light into rooms without windows, yielding a light-filled home interior.

There are many decorative opportunities for door inserts and side lites, window accents and entry area privacy window arrangements. Here are just a few:

Acrylic Block Transoms and Sidelites
The 6” acrylic block options include clear wave and glacier wave block patterns, and even alternating or uniform cross rib arrangements. The available caulking shades are white and tan, perfect for matching to your interior hues. These can even be ordered as casement or awning styles to allow in fresh air while still protecting privacy.

Acrylic Block Door Inserts for Exterior Doors.
Hy-Lite’s unique acrylic block door inserts add distinct style and elegance to both new and existing exterior doors at every entrance to the home.

Acrylic Block Door Inserts for Interior Doors.
Hy-Lite’s acrylic block door inserts borrow both natural and artificial light from adjacent rooms to create unexpected and appealing light-filled accents within the home, offering light and privacy throughout.

Acrylic block privacy windows from Hy-Lite feature energy-efficient all-vinyl or thermally-broken aluminum frames, and are available as double- or triple-paned acrylic blocks for enhanced energy efficiency. Pre-framed for easy installation, Hy-Lite privacy windows eliminate the need for window treatments. Acrylic block privacy windows from Hy-Lite are available in a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes for both new construction and easy custom replacement.

Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the leading manufacturer of acrylic block, glass block and decorative glass windows. To learn more about acrylic block door inserts, CLICK HERE. For a dealer or retailer near you or for more information, please contact us at 888.256.2599.

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