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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are acrylic blocks made of?
  A: High-quality, scratch resistant acrylic which will not yellow or turn hazy over time..
Q: How are acrylic blocks held together?
  Depending on series, each block interlocks with the next using polymer clips or integral, overlapping flanges and then bonded inside and out with proprietary sealants. Panels are then glazed into thermally broken aluminum or vinyl frames.
Q: Compared to glass block and standard windows, how do acrylic block windows perform?
  A: Hy-Lite windows offer structural and thermal benefits similar to traditional, dual-glazed window units, including upgraded thermally efficient options.
Q: Where can acrylic block products be used in the home?
  A: Everywhere! You can use an acrylic block window as a feature in any room of the home or as an accent. Both the fixed and operable windows are extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Acrylic block partitions can be incorporated into the design of a home and smaller blocks with tube lighting in between the blocks can be used as a lighting feature.
Q: How do I clean acrylic block windows?
  A: We recommend using mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Harsh cleaners, tile cleaners, glass cleaners and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean acrylic blocks. Also, acrylic blocks should not be scrubbed or brushed.
Q: Will the caulking in the units “yellow" with age?
  A: No … The caulking is guaranteed not to yellow, crack, flake or chip for 10 years. In addition, an antifungicide in the caulk prevents mildewing.
Q: Where are Hy-Lite’s products manufactured?
  A: Hy-Lite’s manufacturing facility is located at 3000 East Johnson Avenue in Pensacola, Florida U.S.A.
Q: What type of options are available regarding size, style and color in acrylic block products?
  A: Hy-Lite offers six, eight and nine-inch square blocks in wave, glacier and cross rib patterns. You may select from clear and green colors as well as various energy efficiency upgrades.
Q: Are window and wall units available in any shapes other than squares and rectangles?
  A: Yes! … Hy-Lite also offers geometric shapes like octagons, stair-stepped, L-shaped and southwestern styles. The company’s Arch Top and Round Top styles are also very popular. In addition, diamond configuration windows are available.
Q: Is white the only caulking color you offer?
  A: Silicone options include White and Tan/Driftwood.
Q: I’m thinking of using a wall partition in my home made out of Hy-Lite Products. How will it be finished off?
  A: Hy-Lite offers both flat end caps and rounded end caps to complete the exposed ends of a panel. Made from quality, extruded aluminum, end caps come per-finished in white, tan, bronze or clear anodized. We also have corner caps available that allow you to connect multiple panels at either a 45- or 90-degree angle, giving you the ability to create various formations.
Q: Will the acrylic blocks “leak" or get moisture inside them when they’re exposed to rainstorms?
  A: No. Hy-Lite blocks are hermetically sealed to help prevent condensation. The high-quality, durable acrylic blocks stand up against harsh weather conditions, have approved safety glazing and are certified by AAMA for use in all wind zones.
Q: What type of warranty covers Hy-Lite products?
  A: Depending on the series, Hy-Lite offers either a limited 5-Year or Lifetime warranty.
Q: I'm a homeowner and want to order windows directly from Hy-Lite. How can I do that?
  A: Easy! Just visit www.hy-lite.com and click the "Shop" button at the top of the page. From there you'll be led through a step-by-step process that allows you to order from a selection of our most popular products. This is a fast and easy way for homeowners to make a direct purchase from Hy-Lite and choose a perfect product to fit their special needs.
Q: Why would I want to use acrylic block windows instead of glass block windows?
  A: There are many benefits to using acrylic blocks over glass blocks in windows. In addition to being 30% more energy-efficient than glass blocks, acrylic blocks are strong and durable, but lightweight... over 70 percent lighter than glass blocks. This makes the window easier to work with and install. Also, Hy-Lite windows come fully fabricated and can be installed just like other windows in the home and do not require increased structural support. Glass blocks typically must be mortared with cement - one by one - on the job site. Additionally, lightweight acrylic blocks won't sag or cause caulk lines to crack... problems that can often be found with glass block units over time. Acrylic blocks also allow for geometric shapes, custom sizes, operable units, retro-fit units and significant improvements in thermal efficiency.
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