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Single Women Home Sales Double Those of Single Men

PENSACOLA, FLA - Move over men. Single women now account for 18 percent of all home purchases --- double the amount of homes purchased by single men at nine percent. According to the National Association of Realtors' 2018 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, single women are remaining consistent as the second highest home buyer profile, behind married couples at 63 percent.

"The report shows this is the second year in a row that single women are holding strong as home buyers," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "Back in 1981, the National Association of Realtors identified just 11 percent of homebuyers as single women. Look how these numbers are growing!"

What Single Women Want
With the study reporting that 82 percent of buyers are choosing to purchase a detached, single-family home, it's not hard to understand what single women are looking for in a home.

"Like most married couples, single women are looking for their perfect space to put down roots near family and friends," says Murphy. "Survey results show that everything from our pets to our work location influence the type of home we purchase and its location.

"However, with single women we also believe that the feelings of safety comes into play in a strong way. Everything from security systems to privacy windows in a home strengthen the likelihood that a single woman will gravitate to a particular property."

Privacy, Please
Murphy points out that many homes, especially those with first floor master bedroom suites, are the ideal location for including decorative and acrylic block windows in a home. "These obscure windows provide privacy in a bathroom or bedroom to make the homeowner feel more comfortable in their own home," says Murphy. "Designer privacy windows are also a helpful addition for too-close-neighbors situations, such as in laundry rooms and kitchens."

Hy-Lite offers a wide variety of decorative glass and acrylic block privacy windows in both fixed and operable styles. From trendy 4' by 1' windows added high up in a shower to large 4' x 4' windows over a master tub, the windows bring light into a room while protecting privacy.

"The single female homebuyer is a category that we believe will continue to rise in the future," says Murphy. "Smart builders will consider accommodating their needs for privacy by including privacy windows in multiple areas of the home."

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