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Crafty Holiday Decorations and Gifts

Press Release Contact: Kathy Ziprik. Office: 828-890-8065

PENSACOLA, FLA - Forget about burning the cookies and getting sticky with glue. To get in the true holiday spirit, inspired consumers are creating original decorations and gifts using Craft Blocks from Hy-Lite®. The durable acrylic blocks can be used for interior and exterior holiday projects made by people of all ages.

Each Craft Block comes in a standard eight-inch by eight-inch square size and is three-inches wide. The blocks are fitted with a one-and-one-half-inch sized access hole and has a reusable rubber seal, making it easy to add items inside the Craft Blocks.

"We've seen people fill the blocks with red and green candies and then put a bow around them for the holidays," says Laura Sikes, marketing and national accounts manager with Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "You can also add greenery and tinsel inside the block, holiday-themed confetti, or strands of decorative twinkle lights. There are endless ways to create holiday decorations using the Craft Blocks."

Sikes also suggests that people --- including children --- can make gifts out of the blocks. "It's simple to create a bank or a memory box using the blocks," says Sikes. "If you're creating a gift for a collector of small items ... like stamps, coins or puzzles, you can fill the block with those items to give as a present. Adding potpourri or scented cinnamon sticks to the blocks creates a fast, easy gift. Or, you can put an assortment of dry dog treats inside the block and add a big paw print and the pet's name on the outside as a gift for an animal lover!"

Easy to handle and transport, the long-lasting acrylic blocks are sold both individually and by the case at and are offered with free shipping.

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