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Safety First: No Dangling Window Cords

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September 2015 -- (PENSACOLA, FLA.) - The month of October is dedicated to Window Covering Safety Month, an awareness campaign launched six years ago by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC). According to the CPSC, approximately 200 infants and young children have died since 1990 from accidentally getting strangled in window cords.

"The safety of children around the house should be a top priority for every homeowner," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "The national campaign in October urges parents with corded blinds, shades and draperies to replace dangling cords with safer, cordless products.

"We applaud that effort, and we also remind parents that there are alternatives to having coverings over clear glass windows. Privacy windows --- whether made from decorative glass designs, acrylic blocks or true glass blocks --- don't require or use blinds, shades or draperies.

"Privacy windows add style to the home and many of them can easily be opened to allow in fresh air. For homeowners with small children at home, privacy windows are the ideal safety solution to dangling cords that can bring peace-of-mind along with design appeal."

The WCSC reports that window cords accessible to small children can become strangulation hazards within minutes. The organization encourages the replacement of older corded window blinds, shades and draperies with safer products available in the marketplace. In homes with small children, the organization urges parents and caregivers to use only cordless window coverings and options without dangling, free-hanging cords.

"There are so many safety elements to think about when there are young children in the home," says Murphy. "Worrying about your windows shouldn't be one of those concerns. Whether retrofitting existing corded coverings to make them safer for children or installing privacy windows that have no cords at all, safety should be the top priority."

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