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Single Women Homeowners

Privacy Windows Meet Needs of Single Women Homeowners

PENSACOLA, FLA - According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 17 percent of homebuyers are now single women, up from just 11 percent in 1981. And, with an anticipated increase of first-time homebuyers in 2017, these numbers are expected to rise.

So, what do single women want in their new homes? Representatives of NAR report that female buyers (many of whom are single mothers) are looking for a 1,500-square-foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. And that's where privacy windows enter the picture.

"There's no doubt that both men and women benefit from privacy windows in key rooms of the home," says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. "However, a single female homeowner may feel a bit more comfortable with a privacy window in a bathroom or bedroom."

Murphy points out that many new homes are being designed with master bedroom suites located on the main floor. The first level location could invite prying eyes into a master bathroom or bedroom if lots are located close together, or if homes are near sidewalks. Privacy windows solve this problem for homeowners.

"No one wants to be trapped in a dark bathroom just to gain privacy," says Murphy. "A decorative glass or acrylic block window that obscures visual access into the home but allows in light is the perfect solution for female homeowners. These windows can also be used in kitchens, laundry rooms and home offices, assuring residents of stylish options to constantly pulling down shades and closing window treatments."

To meet another new trend in home design --- spa showers with transom windows --- Hy-Lite offers decorative windows in 4' by 1' sizes that can be installed high up in a shower to add light into a shower. The company also offers larger 4' by 4' and 3' by 5' sized privacy windows for over a soaking tub or to bring light into a master closet.

"Privacy windows can be used in a multitude of areas within the home," says Murphy. "Smart builders who are looking at single female homebuyers as a growing segment of the population can accommodate their desire for privacy by incorporating decorative glass and acrylic block windows into their homes. This is a great example of taking an extra step in knowing what your buyers want that may just close a sale!"

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